Confidence Skills for Young Adults

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Critical Thinking
Mission Statement
The purpose of this book, deeply rooted in my soul, is to empower you, our young adults - the torchbearers of tomorrow, by fostering your confidence, resilience, and self-belief. I hope to inspire you to become the embodiment of generosity, kindness, love, and fulfillment. May you not only discover your highest selves but also light the path for others.
"May we not let ourselves down and turn the other way and look to ones who do not wish us to thrive and be Sovereign. May we all come together with integrity, compassion, humility, and mutual respect and with great empowerment, may we all meet around the great cosmic campfire with joy in our hearts, as we will witness in ourselves and each other -  the trauma and weariness we might be carrying around here at times on Earth, becomes the Diamond Heart that has braved the harshness and darkest of realms, but claimed victory because of Truth and Love. We are Spirit Warriors and nothing can stop us."

Laura Magdalene Eisenhower
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